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About Us

Buying from the source!

If you travel outside of the US and discover unique, special wines, it is generally complicated to get them shipped to your home, and the shipping can be expensive. 

At WineVIP we enable foreign wineries to ship their wines to you and you can buy them at the same price you would pay standing in the winery's tasting room.

Our mission is to find great value wines and provide them to you without marking them up. We import them, repack them for protected transit to you, and ship via UPS. We may not have the lowest shipping cost, but we think you'll find our wines are a great value.

Wine VIP, we work with wineries that we think are really special and make really enjoyable wines. Secondly, we select the wines that are a great value for what you taste in the glass. Lastly, and most importantly, we bring them to you directly from the winery.

So we invite you to sample our small, but highly edited selection of wines. We are always here to answer any questions - and we invite you to contact us, because, in fact, everyone has different likes and preferences. If we can guide you through our assortment, we would be delighted.

If you get to travel, we encourage you to stop by and visit these winemakers. All of them are passionate, extremely personable, and dedicated to their craft. We have enjoyed meeting all of them, and moreover, we are very proud to be able to share their products with a larger audience.

Please visit our Tour Operator page for a selection of great sites, to help you create the trip that fulfills your needs. This is all about discovery.

Of course, to us, all our customers are Very Important People, and our mission is to discover and select the wines you will savour and enjoy. But the original intent of WineVIP was to offer wines that were first and foremost, Very Intelligent Purchases. There are a lot of places for you to buy wine online and offline. You will see online retailers with hundreds, no, thousands of wines, where they simply download the distributor's catalog. There, you aren't buying wine that anyone has tasted, rather, you are just throwing darts.