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Frédéric Mabileau

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What impressed us so much about Frederic Mabileau was his obvious dedication and an intense attention to details. Frederic says "With 27 hectares in production, you have to pay attention to the smallest detail and be convinced that nothing is left to chance..." Because of the unique terroir of St. Nicolas de Bourgueil, mostly sand and gravel, it takes an artist to produce wines like these that are bold in fruit and floral notes.

A large portion of the vines are between 35 and 50 years old which allow them to benefit from their deep root system drawing from the very heart of the soil. "A quality wine starts at the vine; maintaining their height, systematic thinning in order to limit the yields, manual leaf removal in order to expose the grapes to the sun, having plentiful foliage in order to optimise photosynthesis, and working of the soils which forces the roots deeper so that they may best tap into the summer water supply. All of these elements provide us with more fleshy grapes which ripen better and bring back into balance the acids and the many other elements that allow for a wine which is supple, round and concentrated" Wishing to respect the integrity of the grape from the vine to the tank, they harvest all vines by hand and inspect the grapes on two consecutive sorting tables, before and after the de-stemmer.

Shift to organic production: In 2007, they began to use only organic production methods. To produce organically contributes to a lasting world preserving the biodiversity and the soils’ fertility but it is also optimizes the maturity and obtains a better quality in taste, aroma, and texture.

You may not expect to find great white wines in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil so this was a great surprise! Winner of the Gold Medal at the Loire Salon des Vins 2009, this white is bold, with strong minerality, and delicious citrus notes.


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The most elegant of the Mabileau wines, this 100% Cab Franc has a silky mouth feel, subtle tannins, and great red fruit tastes. Also 100% organic.
Wine Spectator 89 points!

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For the Mabileau estate, it all started here - the best example of what Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil can be: light, great fruit, and delicate. It really represents their terroir, fresh and earthy.
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