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             Travel to Italy?

Normally in times like these when the going gets tough, the tough hop on plane and go wine tasting. Since that's not happening, we thought we'd bring Italy to you. Here's a way to sample Italy from the luxury of your own home.

3 GREAT DEALS to take a short trip to Tuscany and taste what all the fuss is about:

Castello de Brolio - an amazing castle in the heart of Tuscany. Known for big, tasty red wines you'll feel like your on the ramparts of this 15th century monument. 
 1. Brolio Chianti Classico 2015            reg $21.95  
2. Ricasoli Bolgheri 2013                     reg $27.95
      3. Ricasoli Torre Brunello 2011           reg $60.00  
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                    now $76.99                         
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or those seeking boutique, artisanal wineries, this 3 pack let's you sample the crafts of 3 unique winemakers and 3 completely different styles of wines -all top of their game.  Be an armchair explorer: