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Domaine de Saumarez

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Domaine de Saumarez is a small high-quality vineyard in the south of France. It was acquired in 2004 by Liz and Robin Williamson with the aimof making top-quality red, white and rosé wines.The domaine is located around the historical village of Murviel-les-Montpellier, in the small foothills 15 minutes to the west of Montpellier. The Domaine consists of 11ha (27acres) of vines planted on a variety of slopes between 80 and 150m above sea level. The soil type is called Aalenien and it originated in the Jurassic period. It is unique to the Languedoc, being made up of quartz, schist, granite and marl.

Their vines are treated with great care. The dry and windy Mediterranean climate means that treatments can be kept to a minimum. They have worked 100% organically since 2009 and obtained an Ecocert certification in 2012. They let the natural flora to grow in alternate vine rows in order to promote a rich and diverse ecosystem. Every 3 years each parcel is treated to a home-made compost consisting of grape skins, horse manure and straw. This philosophy makes for live soils where all of the organisms live in symbiosis with one another.

In the cellar they pump the wine as little as possible, using gravity as much as possible. The grapes are hand-picked into small containers and arrive at the cellar in optimum condition. They are fermented in modern unlined concrete tanks or oak barrels for a small percentage of white and red wine. The wines are aged in oak barrels of 225, 300 and 500 litres capacity, as well as in concrete tank.

Their top cuvee is named after the terroir. The grapes come from their best parcels of syrah and Grenache, the low yields (25hl/ha) and 100% oak ageing giving a serious wine that needs decanting an hour or two in advance.
$17.25 per Bottle
$207.00 per Case
The S’ red is a blend of grenache and syrah which combine to give a full-flavoured wine exploding with flavours of rich red fruit with a hint of spice. It is a versatile wine that reflects the sunny Mediterranean climate. A perfect wine for a friendly evening!
$9.20 per Bottle
$110.40 per Case
This white wine never ceases to surprise with it’s freshness and minerality, attributes more commonly found in wines from northern France than those from the Languedoc
$9.20 per Bottle
$110.40 per Case