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Under the canopy of the massive Pinea tree in the heart of Spain’s legendary Ribera del Duero winemaking region, PINEA founders and longtime friends Vicente Pliego and Hugo T. Del Pozzo had an inspiring conversation that led to an epiphany: that their calling was to use the magnificent characteristics of this land to produce one of the best wines in the world.

To do so, they recruited arguably the best winemaker in Spain, master oenologist Isaac Fernandez.

“Isaac is one of Spain’s brightest young winemaking stars”. -Wine Spectator

The PINEA vineyards represent the perfect confluence of elements: soil, demanding environment and daunting weather. It is from these challenges the PINEA grape endures to impart the full wisdom and beauty of its vine unlike any other vines in the world.

The estate is located near the towns of Olmedillo de Roa and Villatuelda (Burgos), in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, at an average altitude of 900 meters above sea level. The vineyards benefit from nearly 360 degrees of exposition and are planted in slightly varying soil types, but generally chalky sand with abundant presence of limestone. Deeply structured rooting systems allow for vines to thrive under extreme temperatures without artificial irrigation. The fruit thus benefits from seasonal extremes ranging from cold snowy winters to hot summer days, and stress from fairly common 40˚F day-to-night temperature fluctuations.

Made with 100% Tempranillo grapes that reflect the heart of Spain and passion of artisans using time-honored techniques, PINEA arises from the desire to produce one of the best wines in the world. And PINEA wines both share and create a rich story for all those who partake, leaving each better for having tasted them. PINEA awakens the senses and the soul, creating minutes of pleasure and moments that last forever.

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"17 by Pinea" was inspired by important events occurring during the year 2017, including the commercial debut of their flagship PINEA wine.

"17" is a wine made with patience and attention to detail, with
special touches of new French and American oak barrels that provide unique tones on the nose and mouth.

"17" expresses the Pinea´s characteristic focus on viticulture and the care in the production process using classical winemaking techniques, which makes it worthy to be a true reflection of the Ribera del Duero heart and the passion of the artisans who make it.
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Pinea is an artisan wine, made "by hand" but with heart, with an origin sense, with respect for the terroir, but also to all the people involved in its preparation.

Obtained from more than 30 years strains on 900 meters high soils in calcareous clay and with non-interventionist viticulture works that characterize our winery, the key lies in letting the grape speak at each step of the process.

Pinea is coupage and aged in new French oak barrels of fine grains and toasted medium to respect the shades of fruit during aging. At all times during the development they strive for perfection in the processes to achieve a wine where the fruit is the star and expresses its elegance, a simply complex and unique wine, perhaps one of the best wines in the world.
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