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A. Bergere Champagne

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In 1949 Albert BERGERE the founder of Champagne A. BERGERE began to make his own champagne from the family estate’s grapes. André,the youngest of his three children, took over the running of the estate with the help of his wife Brigitte Martin in 1986. Today, the succession is assured: Albert, André, Annaëlle and Adrien, the “A” of A. BERGERE Champagne, ensure the company’s bright future.

Champagne A. Bergere is situated, along with Moet, Pol Roger, and Pommery on Avenue de Champagne in Epernay - the capital of Champagne. In Dec 2013 their boutique hotel/B&B was awarded by Wine Spectator as the best place to stay in Champagne!

A. BERGERE grapes are mostly grown in the Fèrebrianges, Etoges and Congy vineyards. Supplies of grapes from other famous villages and prestigious Champagne vineyards make up the rest of the production. Three Champagne grape varieties are used in production: Chardonnay (50 %), Pinot Noir (30 %) and Pinot Meunier (20 %). Every bottle in their range reflects the pure essence of the vintage.

Harvests take place over a period of 12 to 14 days in September and October. Grapes are exclusively hand picked. The grapes are pressed as soon as possible in order to prevent the grape skins from staining the expressed juice on contact. 1.6 kilos of grapes produce one litre of must (unfermented grape juice). Once it has been rid of pips and impurities the must is put in our thermo-regulated vats where it slowly turns into white wine under the action of yeasts. Following the filtering stages in which the wine is rid of any suspended matter, blending occurs. This is the crucial stage at which the A. BERGERE flavors are developed; wines made from different grape varieties, vintages and years are combined to produce each of vintages.

The wines produced in this way are bottled together with a “liqueur de tirage” that enables the bubbles to form; this is the second fermentation stage carried out according to the “champagne method”. The filled and corked bottles are then laid down in the cellars where they rest at a constant temperature for 3 to 4 years on average according to vintage.

A. BERGERE champagnes are matured in their own cellars. When they leave they are ready for drinking.
Made from 100% chardonnay, the fine bubbles express aromas of citrus, peach, and slight notes of butter. Broad and well balanced, it enhances seafood, or stands on it's own of any celebration or apertif. It received an 85/100 from the 2012 Gilbert & Gaillard guide. 
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 Produced only in the best years of harvest, it holds a place of honor in the A.Bergere lineup. It is their most drinkable and serves all special ocassions beautifully. It has a golen yellow color and tiny fine bubbles. The nose is elegant and buttery and perfectly suitable for before or after a meal. 

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 Salmon pink in color, very bright with fine bubbles are an invitation to gustatory pleasure. The nose reveals aromas of red fruit and tangy. the mouth is soft, and delightfully balanced. Perferct for smoked salmon, or dessert, including a red fruit tart or chocolate cake.
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An all-around favorite, this elegant, pure, round, and full bodied wine releases a bouquet of flowers and fruit. The A.Bergere style is simply expresseed in this vintage. 65% black grapes/35% white
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